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NTWWGA Programs and Services

This page describes the programs and service offered by the North Texas Wounded Warrior Golf Association.  

Veterans eligible to participate in NTWWGA activities include those wounded or injured in post‐9/11 military operations, including those with Post‐Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

North Texas warriors who are interested in our Spring clinic or other aspects of our program should submit all inquiries to Josh Schmidt at

North Texas Warrior Golf Clinic

The heart of our program is the North Texas Warrior Golf Clinic - an adaptive golf clinic hosted at Timarron Country Club. The eight-week clinic is patterned after the clinic model developed by the Salute Military Golf Association, our national-level affiliate, and serves as a rehabilitative experience for our nation's wounded heroes. Warrior participants who meet attendance requirements will receive a custom-fit set of golf clubs upon clinic completion. Clinic sessions are held on Sunday afternoons in the spring of each year.

Spring 2016 NTWWGA Warrior Golf Clinic

Warrior Participants - Spring 2016 NTWWGA Warrior Golf Clinic

Playing Opportunities

We coordinate playing opportunities for NTWWGA-registered warrior golfers throughout the year. We host internal golfing events, coordinate invitations for golfing events from external organizations/tournaments, and develop partnerships with local courses for free/discounted green fees for NTWWGA/SMGA warrior golfers.

To participate in NTWWGA-hosted playing opportunities, SMGA/NTWWGA warrior golfers must be fully registered with NTWWGA and be on the NTWWGA Play List. The NTWWGA Play List Policy is available for download on the left side of this page.

Golf Course Partnerships

We are developing partnerships with golf courses for free/discounted playing opportunities for warrior golfers on the NTWWGA Play List. 

Timarron Country Club, the host club for NTWWGA, is the first course that has partnered with us in this endeavor. The policy for SMGA/NTWWGA golfing at Timarron Country Club is available for download on the left side of this page. 

We hope to develop partnerships with other golf courses in the metroplex. If your course is interested in partnering with us to offer free/discounted playing opportunities to the warrior golfers in our program, please contact us.


Recommended Outside Services for Warriors

The Recovery Resource Council in Fort Worth, Texas offers free and confidential counseling services to North Texas veterans through its Enduring Families and Enduring Women Veterans Services. Enduring Families is unique in that it provides counseling services not only to the veteran, but also to his or her family members, for issues that are unique to a family who has experienced deployment. Enduring Women will provide group counseling and peer navigation to women veterans experiencing various issues including, but not limited to, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, military sexual trauma, reintegration issues, substance abuse or parenting difficulties. Veterans who are interested in the services of the Recovery Resource Council should contact Tempa Sherrill (817-332-6329 x250), the RRC Veteran Services Coordinator for more information.

We also recommend that injured servicemembers seek additional resources through
Hope For The Warriors®. Hope For The Warriors® engages the military family by providing person-centered planning, utilizing a network of programs within Hope For The Warriors® as well as programs supported by the military, government, community and other nonprofits. In North Texas, Gus Cabarcas (214-548-9297) serves as Hope For The Warriors®' Community Relations Coordinator.


Additionally, the National Resource Directory is a federal government Web site for wounded, ill and injured servicemembers, veterans, their families, and those who support them. This website, which is maintained by the Departments of Defense, Labor and Veterans Affairs, provides access to more than 11,000 services and resources at the national and state level to support the recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of servicemembers and veterans into their communities.

NTWWGA and this site are NOT affiliated with the Wounded Warrior Project

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